Please find answers to some of the most common questions you might have below. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we will try to help.

Installation / Measurement

Do you provide an installation service?

We do provide an installation service for all of our ready-made driveway gates and garden gates, along with any bespoke gates throughout the North West of England only.

If you live in in the North West, please contact-us for a quotation.

Do I need to purchase posts for my gate(s) or can I use the existing posts I already have?

The minimum recommended width of posts is 100mm. If this is the width of your current posts then in most cases the answer is yes. As aluminium is a lightweight material, our gates can be fixed onto wood, metal, brick or concrete posts - provided they are structurally sound and aren't suffering with any rot, crumbling or damage.

However, if you require posts, we have 100mm and 150mm aluminium posts available which can be matched to your gate.

Posts are available in the following sizes:

  • 100mm x 100mm x 2400mm (suitable for garden / pedestrian gates)
  • 150mm x 150mm x 2400mm (suitable for either driveway or garden / pedestrian gates)
  • 150mm x 150mm x 3000mm (suitable for either driveway or garden / pedestrian gates)

The posts can also be cut down to the required size and you can complete the finished look with an aluminium post cap.

Can you measure my gateway for me?

Unfortunately, we only offer this service as part of our separate installation service for customers in the North West.

However, there is a detailed guide to help you measure correctly on our instructions page.

How do I measure my gateway?


To measure the width of your gate(s) we recommend taking three measurements of where the gate is to be situated.

  1. At ground level
  2. Half way up
  3. Top level

Always use the smallest measurement to calculate your width and please do not forget to take into consideration space for the hinges.


The height measurement will be determined by the height of the gate you would like. For example a 1800mm height gate would need a clearance height of 1900mm.

Please see our instructions page for a full guide on how to measure your gateway.

My gates are wider than the standard sizes, what can I do?

We suggest using some of our bolt down or concrete in posts to resolve this if possible. If not, you could contact us regarding our bespoke gates service.

How do I install my gate(s)?

Please follow our installation guide on our instructions page. We recommend two people to install gate(s).

How much do the gates weigh?

Each gate is made from aluminium which is a lightweight metal, in comparison with other materials used within gates such as wood and wrought iron.

Actual weight will vary according to the dimensions, but:

  • Our garden /pedestrian gates weigh approx 30kg.
  • Our driveway gates weigh approx 60kg per gate.

Maintenance / Guarantee

How long will my gate(s) last for?

The aluminium used for our gates is specially treated against rust and corrosion, and will not bend, warp, drop or twist.

The colour will not fade or crack and will continue looking their best over time.

All of our gates come with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Is it easy to maintain my gate(s)?

Aluminium is virtually maintenance free, so all you should need to do is wash them occasionally with warm soapy water and a sponge, then rinse.

Gate Questions

What is included with my gate(s)?

Each gate is supplied with essential fittings and a choice of a number of optional extras.

Where relevant, there is a choice of fittings, for example if you want driveway gates wall mounted or floor and wall mounted.

Your basket will show which items are included before you check out, but you should have everything you need to fit your gate(s).

Are the double swing gates only manual?

No. The double swing driveway gates can accommodate all types of automation such as underground operators and automatic rams.

Do you supply automation kits?

Unfortunately we do not supply automation kits at this moment in time. However we have installed our aluminium gates and automated them so please contact-us and we can discuss options with you regarding your requirements.

For North West based customers, we can also offer an installation service to include automation.

Do you stock sliding gates?

Unfortunately we do not stock sliding gates at this moment in time, but we can have them manufactured to your requirements. Please contact-us to discuss any bespoke gates requirements.

Do you stock aluminium infill panels or fencing?

We do not stock any infill panels or fencing currently at this time, but we can have them manufactured to your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Are your aluminium gates environmentally friendly?

Yes. All of our aluminium gates are made from 100% recyclable aluminium in compliance with the latest sustainability guidelines.

What are the sizes of each gate?

Driveway Gates:

  • Height: 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm and 2200mm
    We recommend a minimum of an extra 100mm clearance for the hinges. For example a set of 1800mm gates would need a minimum of 1900mm clearance height.
  • Width: 3000mm, 3250mm, 3500mm, 3750mm and 4000mm
    Please note, an additional 15mm-35mm for wall mounted hinges either side of driveway gate and a 10mm gap where the gates meet in the middle would be required. For example, a set of 3000mm wide gates would need a minimum gap of 3040mm.

Ornate Gates:

  • Height: 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm. 2300mm and 2400mm
  • Width: 3000mm, 3250mm, 3500mm, 3750mm and 4000mm
    Note, you will need to allow an additional 70mm for wall mounted hinges either side of driveway gate.

Garden / Pedestrian Gates:

  • Height: 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm and 2200mm
    We recommend an extra 100mm clearance for the hinges. For example, a 1600mm high gate would need a clearance height of 1700mm.
  • Width: 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm and 1200mm
    Please note, an additional 10mm-30mm for wall mounted hinges and 20mm for lock keep is required. For example, a 1000mm wide gate would need a minimum of a 1040mm opening.

Please note:

Not all width and height combinations are available for all types and colour variation of gate. Depending on its size, if you have a gap, you could use our aluminium gate posts to fill the space.

What is the thickness of each gate?

Driveway Gates:

  • Frame: 55mm
  • Infill: 16mm

Garden / Pedestrian Gates:

  • Outer Frame: 45mm
  • Infill: 16mm

What colours are available?

Our standard colours are: Jet Black (RAL 9005), Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), Wood Effect (Light Oak)

Note, not all colours are available for all types of gates. For example, our ornate range of driveway gates are only available in: Jet Black (RAL 9005)

If you require a custom RAL colour, please take a look at our bespoke gates page.

Delivery / Returns

Take a look at our delivery information page for questions about delivery and returns.

FREE UK Shipping

We offer FREE delivery throughout most of the UK, with our ready made gates shipped to much of the mainland United Kingdom within 2-4 weeks of your order date, including:

Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Bolton, Wigan, Warrington, St Helens, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Doncaster, Blackburn, Chorley, Leyland, Preston, Southport, Blackpool, Lancaster, Kendal, Carlisle, Sunderland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Norwich, Hastings, Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull, Leicester, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff, Exeter, Bath, Watford, Luton, Ipswich, Telford, London, Swindon, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Cambridge, Reading, Gloucester, Poole, Southampton, Portsmouth, Northampton, Brighton, Maidstone and more!

Bespoke Gates and Installations

Based in the Lancashire area, Cellfab Ltd also offer bespoke gates and installations throughout Lancashire and the wider North West, including:

Accrington, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Chester, Chorley, Cumbria, Garstang, Kendal, Lancaster, Leyland, Liverpool, Lytham St Annes, Macclesfield, Manchester, Morecambe, Oldham, Ormskirk, Preston, Skelmersdale, Southport, St Helens, Stockport, Warrington, Widnes, Wigan, Wirral and more!